As you’d expect, the camera lens, flash and self portrait mirror are on the PDA’s back. Stereo earbud headset with mic included in the box. This information is useful if you are unable to connect to the Internet and receiving error messages similar to the following: Configure the Cingular Modem. Though Pocket PC phones are more PDA oriented, and aren’t the best for one-handed dialing, slipping in a slim pocket and the like, the ‘s scroll wheel, side-mounted OK button and voice dialing ameliorate other design and OS issues. While sound quality isn’t quite as good as the included wired stereo headset a bit less bass and separation , it will likely please most folks. I saw buying this as being like getting the 10 y.

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The keyboard slider mechanism is firm, and the device is too new to tell if it will loosen over time. The quality is outstanding, and it is very easy ntc learn and use. If you live and work in an area that doesn’t yet have 3G, set the phone to GSM mode to save power and speed up signal acquiring time the device spends about 1 minute looking for 3G when the phone’s radio is turned on when set to auto mode.

These are the best numbers we’ve seen on a PDA indicating that Above the display you’ll find buttons that launch e-mail and IE and these are very organically designed and integrated into the device’s front face they don’t scream “I’m a button! It’s still not easy to find support for the A2DP high quality stereo audio profile among PDA and smartphones and we were glad to find it on the Hermes family. I am sure you nodem love it.


The TyTN’s functions include those of a camera phone modsm a portable media player in addition to text hrc and multimedia messaging. Attempt a connection to MEdia Net. Feature phones and Nokia smartphones have beaten the pants off of PDA and smartphone cameras, but the Cingular and TyTN’s 2 megapixel camera is quite good.

Of course, the TyTN lacks any carrier customizations and is unlocked. On the TyTn, you need only press the voice speed dial button on the phone’s left side to initiate voice dialing and commands. The final step modme to enter a username and password.

Use Cingular as Modem Dial Up USB – A Pocket PC Central Tutorial

The camera lens with self-portrait mirror left and speakerphone grill cresent under mirrorand flash on the right. The excellent keyboards on each are identical. The Cingular and TyTN do indeed operate in full g mode: Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

From Modwm, the free encyclopedia. I bought this y. Back of the TyTN and the Cingular In fact that’s 2 to 3 times faster than the Wizard family of devices. You can add 3rd party applications to extend the PDA’s functionality and sync mdoem Outlook on the desktop. I liked the BB, but it utterly fails in comparison to the along virtually every dimension. Not just a business device, mmodem Cingular and TyTN are great multimedia playmates with good support for music and video playback.

Once the driver has been downloaded to your Windows PC, it’s time to configure the Cingular As with all Pocket PCs, you can set the display backlight timeout, but the Hermes lacks separate settings for keyboard backlight timeout. That includes surfing the web for 45 minutes per day on 3G or WiFi, having Bluetooth on, talking about 20 minutes per day, using PIM and Office apps, watching a few short videos, playing several rounds of Bejeweled 2 and manually checking email 6 times per day.


The camera can take JPEG photos in a variety of resolutions xxxx and x and can shoot video and MMS video in MP4 format. If you prefer a one-handed phone centric device, the Treo may be worth the wait.

The phone does not power down when you open the battery door. This site relies on JavaScript for complete functionality.

Wireless Modem

And there’s always that big on-screen dialer that works with even the fattest of fingers, though you do need to bring up the dialer window by pressing the call send button to use it. Though few folks are using Cingular’s 3G network now and throughput may drop as more users get on board.

Tap the Connections tab, and then the Connections icon. Now you can scroll through contacts, programs and anything else without using the stylus. There is still many things I need to learn mode, so far has been relatively easy to navigate and use.

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