Setting the Display Brightness Adjusting Display Brightness You can use the following procedures to adjust display brightness to make it easier to read under different lighting conditions. For further details please refer to the manual that is shipped with tool. Plug the connector from You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Make sure that the Handheld Terminal is turned off.

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Update me with the latest news from Barcodes Inc. Search Login Cart 0 Your cart is empty. E Resetting the Handheld Terminal Doing so makes it possible to Power Supply Power Source: Charging the battery pack is complete.

Navigate to the menus in the following sequence: Available in one week or more. If the power is on, press the power key There is a time-out associated with the length of connection time. Technical Service Support Maintenance Repairs.

Before using the cradle ports, remove casip caps from the ports. Pull out the microSD card and close the cover of the microSD card slot.


DT-X8 Series

Make sure also that a radio station employs the same frequency band does not locate near by prior to using DT-X8. The battery pack is used to power normal operations and to store data, while the memory dasio battery provides the power required to maintain memory contents when the battery pack power is unable to supply power for some reason.

This could also be of interest: R Trigger Key 2. Using the Laser Scanner Laser Models 1. Never look directly into the laser light or shine the laser light into the eyes. Select your barcode scanner Form factor Handheld pocket size Presentation scanner automation.

E Performing a Full Reset Initialization The Handheld Terminal reads the code by emitting laser and red lights.

Battery pack error or the surrounding temperature is out of the charging temperature range. Turn on the power switch on the right side of vasio USB Cradle.

Calibrating Touch Panel Alignment Calibrating Touch Panel Alignment Whenever the dt-x-20e of the touch panel is poor, or operation being executed does not match with the location you are tapping on the touch panel, please recalibrate the alignment of the touch panel using the following method. Required if you use Internet Explorer. The life span heavily depends on how the battery Doing so makes it possible to supply power to all the Cradle-type Dual Battery Chargers using one dedicated AC adaptor.


Lights red when there is a bar code scanning error and lights green when a bar code scans successfully.


Charging Specification Charging Method: Status of Indicator 1 on DT-X8: You can also use the Ethernet Cradle to charge the battery pack installed in the Handheld Terminal. Table Of Contents Contents Contents Page of 75 Go.

The power LEDs on the top of the charger light green and indicator 1 lights orange.

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