Edited 1 time s. I’ll wait until I get further before thinking of how to build the hot head. I reckon the 7. If they have enough torque they would probably work fine on a Prusa style Z axis. Obviously there are tons of inkjet, laser, fax and copiers out there with parts that can have a second life as a 3D printer. The printer seems to be working perfect;y but I am going to replace it.

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Thank you for helping me with this Petrus! Its easy to find the tracks and keep all the need components without destroying, the hard part is a22917seb pins directly on the driver CIs.

ASEB Driver and Stepper

Specifications Nominal Voltage 7 Current 0. I may send some pics if you want to see where to cut. Its horses for courses I’d like any thoughts on this. I don’t think the Allegro A does?

The Phoenix Project: Recycled Epson Printer Parts into 3D Printer

I’m going in my office now to take it apart! Don’t be too discouraged by 7.


All this topic is amazing!!!! I wish I knew about electronics. I wired an epson printer board with A291s7eb drivers to test some steppers: The opto end stops are also very usefull. There are 3 opto sensors on the printer, I circled them on a picture of what I saved from an epson stylus You’re right, the big gear is perfect for the extruder, I’ve just build the extruder etepper it pictures will be uploaded soon.

Best regards, Alessandro Reply Quote. The current setting with a trimmer on the Vref is a really good idea.

I’ve built a Prusa using two Epson carriage steppers. I think the plastic gears driving the paper through the printer would be great a9217seb the extruder. I’ll nered two more motors. I used a dremel to cut the circuit board isolating the drivers, motors connectors and the power connector.

Allegro A2917SEB 1.75a Stepper Motor Controller

Why are the stepper controllers drivers so expensive? I reckon the 7. Most people run the Z motors at 4x or 8x microstep, Ste;per run at 2x and it’s something like steps per mm so running a 7.


Bodge It [ reprap. HP and Lexmark had the low cost 7.

I don’t know if you will find a chip that does that. It’s yours is you can pick it up at my apartment, upper west side of Manhattan. I’m trying to figure out which pins on the Allegro crip to connect to the Arduino.

I have 2 Epson printers parts, and drive the 2 steppers from an arduino was not so difficult. I love how you used the Agfa scanner for the base. I’m just doing some tests, not sure about the usage of these steppers.

Here is a blog I started with pictures of the tare a9217seb. I’ll wait until I get further before thinking of how to build the hot head. I’ve attached the picture of my y-axis.

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